Smart City safety & Traffic Management
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invisible, visible.
As the world moves towards an autonomous transportation environment “what you see is what you get” will not suffice and a more holistic method to communicate and share data between the different players in the smart mobility environment is needed. ConnVAS is providing solutions that enable any vehicle to communicate with everything in its surrounding in real time, breaking the barriers of line-of-sight, for rich data sharing.
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the future
ConnVAS is developing solutions that enable V2X connected vehicles to connect to everything – vehicles, infrastructure, pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, network… towards an autonomous future. ConnVAS is already preparing the infrastructure of today for the V2X connectivity of tomorrow, enabling V2X connected vehicles to receive significant, rich data from day one. As more connected vehicles with ConnVAS solutions hit the roads, rich connectivity will be executed, also, between the vehicles.
ConnVAS live intelligent crosswalk PoC
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