Intelligent intersection

The ConnVAS intelligent intersection solution enables turning any signalized intersection, existing and new, to an intelligent intersection.

The following figure describes the technology composing the solution:

In the heart of the solution is the ConnVAS Edge Computing Platform (CECP) that includes processing capabilities, AI processing, V2X transceiver, interfaces with cameras and alarm systems towards crosswalk users (pedestrians, bicycle riders, scooters etc.) and towards drivers in the different types of vehicles, and a physical connection to the traffic signal controller over a ModBus standard protocol, or any other protocol supported by the controller. The CECP receives data from the cameras and using ConnVAS SW and AI capabilities, detects the different objects and their locations and analyzes the dangers at any given moment  in real time (10s of ms). The CECP is internally running a virtual traffic controller that is continually synchronized to the actual traffic controller, via the ModBus communication. This enables the virtual controller to be aware of all information existing in the actual controller, such as signal states, demands from vehicles and pedestrians etc. In addition, the virtual controller is aware of all occurrences in its environment, thanks to the inputs from the cameras. The combination of data from the cameras with the data from the traffic controller enables the CECP to detect complex scenarios in real time and respond to them, generating alarms and manipulating the behavior of the traffic controller to prevent accidents and improve efficiency at the intersection, for example:

  • Detection of a vehicle that for certain will enter the intersection in a red light and delaying the green in the conflicting directions
  • Providing preemption for emergency vehicles – detecting their arrival from a distance and freeing the intersection from that direction by providing longer green if required.
  • Providing preference to approaching public transportation at the junction by manipulating the green length/window in that specific direction
  • Handling alarms towards vehicles and crosswalk users at crosswalk that exist on junctions

The system that also saves video records of the data presented by the cameras, will support the generating of short videos documenting traffic felonies of drivers on the crosswalk, according to the specific privacy rules and any other rules in each specific location.

The system will provide traffic counting information upon request. This will include pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, any type of vehicle etc.

In signalized crosswalks, the system will detect the crosswalk users intending to cross the road and will automatically generate a demand towards the signal controller to provide the crosswalk users with green upon their turn. This leads to better efficiency for road traffic (road traffic will receive continues green as long as no crosswalk user is present) and better experience for crosswalk users (no need to press a dedicated button to receive green).

All of the above-mentioned alarms will also be sent by the CECP over V2X to the environment so V2X connected vehicles, as well as 5G mobile phone users (that will include V2X capabilities) will be able to receive these alarms, and additional future data, in real time.

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